the academy

The Institute for Artistic and Musical Promotion and Research, Cultural Association with headquarters in San Remo, and the services4industries company of Trento organize the Academy of Music of Taggia, which operates within the structure of the former Convent of San Domenico, built by the Dominican monks between 1460 and 1490.

The Taggia Academy of Music offers music masterclasses open to all musicians who wish to meet internationally renowned teachers and take advantage of this opportunity to establish new professional relationships.

The Academy also aims to enhance a structure which, due to its wealth of history and culture, offers guests and visitors a unique setting of cultural, artistic and spiritual stimuli. Among other things, the convent preserves a small treasure trove of frescoes and paintings dating back to the early 16th century, including a beautiful "Adoration of the Magi" by Parmigianino.

This cultural frame joins an absolutely unique spatial location, at the mouth of the Argentina valley, on the slopes of the Maritime Alps, in the renowned land of the Taggiasco olive tree, famous for its fruits and oil all over the world. All at a handful of kilometers from the Ligurian Sea, a few kilometers from the French border, by definition a land of confrontations, exchanges and, why not, of contrasts.